The Estate boasts a historic winery housing fully-renovated concrete tanks, a modern winery equipped with stainless-steel tanks with temperature-control systems and a maturing cellar for French-oak barriques.

With patience, respect and enthusiasm, the Estate makes a full range of wines to satisfy consumers’ tastes and fancies, as well as the different occasions for consuming. Varietal wines are thus produced to delight consumers’ senses in the simplest way.


The whites and rosés are vinified under strict temperature control in order to extract both freshness and varietal aromas. As for the reds, they are vatted in concrete tanks using traditional techniques, just as the greatest grands crus classés would be made. The maturation takes place in tanks on the fine lees at a perfectly stable temperature.

Daurion offers AOP Languedoc wines that are rich, elegant and powerful, a perfect expression of a unique terroir. The white wines are fermented and matured in casks and regularly stirred by means of bâtonnages. The great reds are aged in barrels, racked by gravity so that clarification can take place naturally.

The Estate makes sparkling wines that are delicate, fine, rare.., almost unique, in fact. Picked by hand, as in the Champagne region, the harvest is fermented in stainless-steel tanks. A second fermentation then takes place in the bottle so as to bring about theprise de mousse. Left with their fine lees in the bottle, the sparkling wines quietly mellow over a long period of time, slowly acquiring their complexity.